Tile Roofing

Most people immediately image a shingled roof when they think about re-roofing their home or business, but oftentimes tile roofing can be a better, or at least an alternative, to your typical roof with shingles.

Tile roofing is hands down one of the most popular roofing products worldwide. It is very durable, energy efficient, and aesthetically pleasing as well.

The earliest type of tile roofing was made from natural resources and materials that were available locally such as clay, stone, and sand. Tile roofing is now available in a variety of different materials. Skyline has extensive experience in installing, repairing, and maintaining clay, concrete, synthetic, metal, and slate tiles roofing systems.

Concrete, slate, and metal tile roofs are cost-effective and built to last, often carrying a lifespan of 50 to 100 years.

With that in mind, tiles can be damaged and sometimes completely broken, so annual inspections of tile roofs are highly recommended.

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Tile Roofing FAQs

Tiles roofing systems come in clay, concrete, metal, slate, and synthetic materials. Skyline has experience with all of these types of tile.

This really depends on the type of material, as metal is more durable than clay, for instance. But a good tile roof should last for 50 years, and some can last past a century.

Which material quality you choose will be a significant factor, but estimate run from around $2.00 to $10.00 per square foot.

However, your roof is specific to your home or building, so contact us today for an accurate quote, FREE!

Tile roofs are known to withstand hurricanes, earthquakes, and other extreme weather. They are also known to be fireproof or fire resistant, which is why you often find tile roofs on homes in drier areas where wild fires are more common.

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