Residential Roof Repairs

If you are unsure whether or not you need a roof repair, or if your roof might have been damaged recently, do not hesitate to call Skyline Contractors. We have specially-trained and fully-certified roofing experts on staff to help you decide if you need roof repairs. We offer FREE roof inspections, so give us a call today. (303) 993-7691

There is no pressure to or obligation with our inspections. We offer them FREE because most residential roof damage is not easy for homeowners to see.

Skyline Contractors free roof inspections for residential roofs are always free, and offer folks like you peace of mind to know that your roof either does not need repair, or is in need of work.

Oftentimes, even the smallest types of roof damage can lead to bigger problems and heavier types of damage, so having a certified and professional expert inspect your roof for free is more than worth the time to give us a call. If we do find a problem, you can rest assured that we will fix it promptly.

The most common types of residential roof repairs involve roof leaks. The 5 most common types of roof leaks are:

  1. Roof flashing: the most common cause of residential roof leaks, this is the thin metal covering, or strip, that goes over a seal or the transition areas of your roof. They can easily erode in Colorado’s weather and sometimes wear out due to sub-quality installation.
  2. Old skylights: they light up your home with natural light, but the older they get the less reliable they can be. Oftentimes the downward slope of the skyline begins to give way and cause a leak on your home’s roof.
  3. Shingle damage: another very common results of Colorado’s weather, shingled roofs may still appear to function properly, but if they are upwards of 30 years old or more, chances are there could be leaks that are not obvious to the untrained eye.
  4. Chimneys: there may be a crack in your chimney, or perhaps like other parts of the roof there is a problem with its flashing. Colorado’s weather can lead to the erosion of your chimney’s brick and mortar, causing leaks on your roof.
  5. Vents and Valleys: these are common areas of residential roofing systems that see wear and tear in Colorado’s extreme weather, and are sometimes not sealed or installed properly. This is another major cause of leakage in residential roofs.

Call us or email us today for a FREE roof inspection by our professionally-certified experts. Do not let any unknown leaks or damage go unnoticed.

There may be other damages to your home’s roof that are not evidenced by a leak. Common weather related damage comes from:

  • Hail
  • Heavy Snow
  • Excessive Rain
  • Heavy Wind
  • Tree Limbs

Rest easy with knowing what is above your head. Call Skyline Contractors today for a free no-obligation roof inspection.